handmade mens woven boxer free patern

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I am surprised that men’s woven boxer is too expensive here in Vancouver. It’s like 10 boxes!!

i don’t wanna spent much money for my husband’s underwear.

so I decided to DIY.

I can save money♪ Yes!!

I made 4 of them so far. I got used to make them. This time, I made 2 of them at the same time. I call them twin shorts.

I felt confident as a woven bower maker, so I’ll show you how I’ve done.

I’ll share my pattern, of course it’s free.

woven boxer pattern(The size is about UNIQLO L size, and there is no front opening.)

ここからダウンロードして、あなただけのトランクスを作ろう星 の画像









↓↓(Addition October 1st 2013)↓↓

My husband told me that he wants more higher rise, so I fixed the pattern.
Here there is.

modified front①

modified front②

modified front③

modified front④

modified back①

modified back②

modified back③

modified back④


You need to cut 2 pieces of front.Make sure each piece are symmetrical.

You need to cut 1 piece of back. When you cut the back piece, fold the fabric right side inside. Place that edge of the pattern piece along the folded edge of the fabric.

This is the step how I sew.

front centre→side→rise→hem→waist

I made front center strong using bias tape.

・After sewing the side, sew the edge together using the zigzag sewing machine. Then, fold the one side and sew the edge. I think should have make slit at the side. I’ll make the slit next time.

・Rise is pretty much same with the side. zigzag→fold and sew

・Hem in two fold.

・Sew the waist putting 1″ width elestic band.

・The pattern doesn’t include seam allowance. In my case, I add the 1/4″ for front centre, 1/2″ for side, 1/2″ for rise, 1″ for hem and 2″ for waist.

Let’s make your own woven boxer.

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